Written in the throws of pain and heartache The Bare Melcessities takes an illuminating look at a year spent starting over after divorce. It is story that begins and ends with letting go of everything. A story of faith. A story of coming home.

When you start loving yourself. There’s nothing that is not possible.

Just look for The Bare Melcessities. The simple Bare Melcessities.


“You reach a point where tears are friends beckoning a truth you had locked away in a drawer.”

Melanie Lutz takes a powerful look at closing the door on a life that isn’t working, to begin again, and in doing so she offers a gift to anyone who has questioned the life they are living, and wanting more.

Whatever it is that causes you to crack open. To want to break free of past limiting patterns. You’ll find in this book. Melanie confronts her own life with immense courage and such deep honesty and integrity, that we are all the better for it.

Melanie Lutz