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Melanie Lutz is a writer committed to exploring the nuances and resilience of the human spirit.

Melanie has been putting on shows and sharing stories since before she can remember. She enjoys sarcasm as a tool in the arsenal against ignorance, loves the inherent complexity of a simple idea, hates apathy and violence, relishes a good old fashioned fish fry, and sings and dances to musical theater songs as often as possible.

A gifted observationalist, Melanie wrote a series of mel themed inner adventures through heartache after the breakup of her marriage resulting in her first book, The Bare Melcessities.

Her recent screen writing work includes, RIOT OF DAFFODILS, a Four Divorces and a Funeral type look at life in the big city, and SLICKER, a Bergman-esque take on two generations, a father and a son, playing out their deep emotional wounds over a weekend at a majestic lake house in the Midwest.

Before transitioning to writing full time, Melanie enjoyed a high voltage career as a production executive, talent manager, entrepreneur and top media and marketing consultant.

Whether working collaboratively to create box office 'smashes,' giving birth to independent feature films, developing groundbreaking experimental cinema, launching television companies, building revolutionary technology or cultivating A-list artists, Melanie has always delivered, with grace, integrity and insight.

She credits much of her discipline and finely honed musing skills to her first job as a 'paperboy' waking up at dawn delivering the mornings news, come rain or come shine, 365 days a year.

Her company, Always Alice creates projects that bridge the worlds of art and commerce, meaning and media, all presented through an ever expanding inward lens of humanity and exhibition.

Melanie was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, attended the University of Maryland and lives in Los Angeles.