"This book is like open heart surgery.  It will change how you look at life.”

 - - Chris Palmeri, senior correspondent, Business Week --

"Stripped bare, with nothing but her honesty and a delightful sense of humor, Melanie Lutz blazes a trail through divorce to a new life filled with joy. Bravely she shares her hard-earned wisdom with candor, offering support and inspiration to keep going when the next step seems impossible."

-- Jo Carey, Events Coordinator, Bodhi Tree Bookstore - -

"The Bare Melcessities: Walking Out. Waking Up. Getting Bare." is an inspirational memoir in which author Melanie Lutz encourages readers to find themselves and bring their truth to the forefront to bare it all to the world for a lighter burden.  A fascinating and motivational read."

-- James A. Cox, Editor in Chief, Midwest Book Review -- 

“Your book could not have entered my world at a better time. Things in my life have been surreal, think recent Letterman confessions with a Cohen brothers "Fargo" stupidity scale!!


I have been wondering how I ended up in a situation that is so sick? How did this all happen around me????  How can I regain my sense of dignity, my confidence and find some happiness and peace?


It was so helpful to read your insights and have the opportunity to get to know you through your writing. Your being there, albeit through the book, was a wonderful relief.


I will keep it near to remind me of the goodness and grace that there is in this universe as I begin to find MY life.


What a gift!  Thank you soooo much.”


- - Nan G - -

"this book is inspiring, poignant, and truly magical.  I read it (devoured, actually); I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I got pissed….all of the elements are there for what is truly a complete expression of being human.  Growing, learning, and ultimately becoming the curators of our own souls."

-- Yvonne Huffman, Vice President, Business Development Officer, First Bank

 “I definitely needed this! It helped so much to read someone who really understands what it's like to be in a sea of change, with all kinds of demands and a heart that just really, genuinely wants to help everyone, herself last but not least. You are a real inspiration…”

 - - Jennifer Kushell, Author of NY Times bestseller, Secrets of the Young & and Successful, Founder, President of (your success network). - -

“Mediate, exercise, sleep, and READ MEL. It takes immense courage to write with such deep honesty and integrity, but Mel has made a commitment to make this her way of life. Good for her and good for us for hanging with such a cool lady.”

- - Dr. Kathleen McMahon - - Dean of Students, Roger Williams  - -

"I loved it! I thought THE BARE MELCESSITIES was an amazing and revealing look into a person's soul -- from growing up, to adulthood.... The book is honest. And funny. And real. I thoroughly enjoyed the quick read. And I recommend it to EVERYBODY!"

-- Mark Perez – Writer – Herbie: Fully Loaded & Accepted

"In addition to the open and complete honesty of this book, there's also quite a bit of humor too. You'll take away something from every chapter and breeze through this brave retelling of a year spent putting a life back together after a break up. And, you'll find that all of us have more fear, anxiety, hope and love in common than we ever thought."

- - Sue B --

"Melanie Lutz takes a powerful look at the process of letting go and moving on, in the context of her recent divorce. Inch by inch, day by day, she leads readers along her path from heartache to self love and discovers that anything is possible. This illuminating self-portrait is written with immense courage, deep honesty, and integrity, and is a gift to anyone who has ever wanted more than the life they are living."

-- Jennifer Ramos -- Vroman's Bookstore --

“soulfully humorous, outrageously charming.”

 - - TMN  - -

“Mel's journey from her conditioned mind to her heart is a must read for all. She eloquently describes her process of awakening and shedding the societal conditioning that we are all subject to, and frees herself for her happy life.  I give it my highest recommendation to anyone who has questioned the life they are living, and wanting more.”

- - Sally C. Vail -- Creator of Goddess By Design --

The Bare Melcessities peels back the layers of heart break taking readers on a journey through a year spent starting over after divorce. And what a journey it is!


Ms. Lutz confronts her own awakening in such a compelling way that her despair is transformed before our eyes into pure joy. Using her inner thoughts, collected works, and gifted insight she synthesizes the story of one soul beautifully starting over.


Ultimately, The Bare Melcessities is a gift. I left the read humming, not just the song, "look for the bare melcessities, the simple bare melcessities" but my entire being. I loved it!


- - Barbara - -


I just loved the book!! My friend turned me onto it...Melanie really put into words how a lot of people feel and it was both inspiring and heartwarming... Everyday I read a chapter of the book, and I felt that I learned a little bit about the author and at the same time learned more about myself!


Thank you for sharing and thank you for the inspiration!! It gets my highest regards.


- - Barbara P - -


This is a book that talks straight to the soul... down to earth, with an ease and charm that is nothing short of inspiring. Having just gone through a breakup, I related immediately, but more than that, the author's willingness to share her inner journey takes courage, she shares thoughts we all have, and work on and worry through in such a beautiful manner that you can't finish this book and not look at the world in a different way.


- - Steve K - -


I was deeply affected by the journey that Ms. Lutz puts so beautifully and eloquently on the page. It's a must read for anyone who finds themselves 'stuck' and feeling isolated in their life. By the end of the book, not only did I feel lighter, but I was ready to dance.


- - Michelle - -


Wow! I had to keep reading out loud to my boyfriend... saying, "listen to this... this is me!" Although my reasons for divorce were different to yours I totally did the same thing of accepting less, losing myself..."who needs roses". Thank you so much for writing this book!

-- Linda Prescott - -

Healing your soul after divorce and everything else. Powerhouse!

-- Kelly Mullis --


Hey Authoress!! I loved it!


Congratulations--- You really put into words how a lot of people feel and it was both inspiring and heartwarming---I just thought it was terrific and was EXTREMELY impressed!!!!


- - Bill M - -